Extreme situations call for extreme measures, and Scammells supports the Government in its decision to include Auction Houses as a “defined premises” in the Emergency Management Act 2004 (signed off by our Commissioner of Police Grantley Stevens).

Many customers have asked me why some auction rooms are still holding sales?  That I have no answer, other than I am following the law as it is written and in the intent it was written for – to stop the spread of COVID19

It says (without exception) “any person who controls, owns or operates a defined premises to close those premises in so far as it is necessary to prohibit access to consumers or members of the public”

For a further explanation see the SA Govt update SA Government Directive

The fines are $20k per person entering an Auction house in SA, and $75k for the business

More importantly, I have made this decision to protect the health of my staff and their families.

We will all miss “Scammelling” on a Friday night, and we look forward to being back very soon.

Please stay safe, healthy and hug each other (from 1.5m away 🙂 )

Kind regards

Jason Harris
Managing Director