Downsizing? What to keep, what to sell?

Moving is hard enough, we have all done it, Scammells makes it easier.

Moving into a smaller residence is the perfect opportunity to take a good look at everything you own and decide what you’d like to keep and what you’d perhaps like to move on. This process becomes much easier and assuring when a Scammells team member is there to provide their expert opinion on what your items are worth. Not just what they’re worth now, but what they might be worth in the future if you do decide to hold on to them.
Anything you do decide to sell is then easily managed by the team at Scammells, freeing up space and money for you and your new abode.

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Tips on sorting an Estate

Our Auctioneer and Chief, Jason Harris has written a short guide and tips on sorting an Estate and helpful hints on streamlining the sorting, packing and moving process.

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We love the discovery of the hidden treasures in your home.

And we have so many stories to share of the “gold” at the back of the cupboard, left forgotten for years.  Our staff are trained and each have their own area of expertise, and together there is little we don’t know of Antiques, Art and the more obscure collectables.

At Scammells, it’s our belief that expectations are managed best with honesty, experience, and knowledge. Our experienced appraisers know what questions to ask and where to research items in order to achieve the best price. This allows them to provide an accurate idea of what the value of your item is before the auction itself reveals the true value.

Hans Wegner Daybed

sold $2500

Hans Wegner GE-107 Bed

sold $5500

Tellurium & Lunarium

sold $4900

Shelley Teaset

sold $1900


sold $3200

Leica M3

sold $3200

Spelter Centrepiece

sold $1000

22ct Gold Necklace

sold $4400

Corner Lounge Suite

sold $5300

Rolex Oyster Watch

sold $5800

Neptune Oil Bottle

sold $3100

Boer War Medal

sold $1600

Maico Motorcycle

sold $19700

Colonial Chest of Drawers

sold $3000

Star Wars Figure

sold $550


sold $3700

Sterling Silver Tea Service

sold $1900

Darte Freres Porcelain Vases

sold $3000

Bosley Freddo Frog

sold $7400

Colonial Cedar Chiffoniere

sold $12100

Golden Fleece Sign

sold $11500

Jade Water Coupe

sold $3100

Marguerite Mahood

sold $5000

Shell Sign

sold $6000

Hans Heysen – Drinking Place

sold $51000

Falcon Chairs & Footstools

sold $3700

Georg Jensen Necklace

sold $1700

Robby The Robot

sold $1800

Dorrit Black

sold $45000

JH Steiner Claret Jug

sold $24500

Colonial Breakfront Bookcase

sold $50000

Appraisal Timeline

  1. Request an appraisal and upload your images
  2. We receive the request and forward it to the right specialist at Scammells
  3. Our Appraisers assess the items over the next 24-48 hours, researching and finding the most up to date values
  4. Your appraisal is compiled and formatted by our appraisal team
  5. Whilst this is happening you will receive some handy information by email from our Appraisal Department
  6. Within 72 hours (3 days in the old language) you receive your appraisal by email

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