Our final Auction for the year is Monday 18th Dec.  Doors close Tuesday 19th at 7pm.

We re-open Tuesday 9th Jan and first Auction for 2024 is Monday 15th Jan

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Mid Century Modern Auction

The final Mid Century Auction for the year.

Auction Monday 27th at 2pm

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The Bob Green Telephone Collection

Rare Collection of over 400 Antique Telephones and parts.

Auction held in December and date to be announced

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Scammells, one of Australia’s best Auction Rooms hosts an exciting and diverse collection of Antique & Contemporary Furniture, Art, Collectables every Monday at 9am.  Browse all our  catalogues online.


Scammells, another great find!

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Selling at Scammells

Are your items suitable for Auction?  Use our Online  Form to send through photographs of anything you are interested in selling at auction. Our team of expert Appraisers will assess the items for suitability for Auction.

The process is simple and FREE!

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Trust + Respect = Scammells

We connect Sellers and Buyers in a unique, fun and professional environment. Whether you’re selling, seeking, or simply “Scammelling”, we have the experience and knowledge to look after you in a way you’ll value.
Auctions are one of the oldest trades in the world, combined with our very cool technology, we connect to buyers from around the globe.

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”
– C.S. Lewis

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Latest News

Upcoming Auction: 737 Max Richardson #5 (11th December 2023). View Catalogue

Bid online from your phone – search Scammells in the app store

View our Auction Calendar for upcoming auctions & to submit items for auction.


Discover our forthcoming auctions.

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Opening Hours


Monday: 2pm – 7pm,
Tuesday: 8.30am – 7pm



Tuesday: 1pm – 4.30pm*,
Wednesday: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Thursday: 8.30am – 11am



Friday: 3pm – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 12.30pm


In-Person Appraisals

By appointment only,
Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm


*After a long weekend, we’re open for pickup Tuesday 2:00 – 7:00pm and Wednesday 8:30am – 4:00pm. This also means we don’t accept delivery on the Tuesday.

A complete auction service.

Scammells are one of the few remaining auctioneers who understand what it means to be a ‘full-service auction room’. For sellers and buyers, we offer a complete service including appraisal, packaging, transport, research, and auction. We welcome you to use our services in all these areas, or just the ones you need.

You can trust Scammells.

Trust is behind everything we do at Scammell Auctions. Vendors and buyers alike know they can trust in Scammells experience, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.


This combined with our cool (and industry-leading) technology, processes, and green environment commitment, earnt us the reputation as Australia’s leading auction house.

Our Scammellology…..

  • Build and maintain an environment of trust and respect.
  • Have the courage to act with honesty and integrity, no matter what.
  • Consistently learn and share our knowledge.
  • Develop relationships and deliver service that make a difference to our customers’ lives.


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