About Scammells - Reputation, legacy, and satisfaction.

Scammell Auctions has been an Adelaide institution since 2002

South Australians have come to know Scammells as THE company to go to for antiques, unique pieces, and hard to find collectables. The knowledge, expertise, and service of the Scammells team ensure that your experience as a buyer or seller is memorable for all the right reasons.

Experience is everything

Our experience as auctioneers is what sets us apart from other auction houses around Australia. But it’s more than just the selling of items. We understand that our business is about working with people. A deceased estate can deserve certain delicate handling. A collector may need guidance and support to ensure their treasured items realise their true worth.

What’s the Story?

Everyone we employ, everyone we work with, and everything we offer has a story. We excel at discovering and communicating these stories to connect our valued vendors with the perfect buyers

Something to sell?

To discuss any items you’re considering putting on the market, the process, or any items you might be seeking, drop Jason or Adrian an email. Or, you can phone us on (08) 8362 0404. But, nothing beats coming into our Norwood auction houses at 7 Chapel St to witness first-hand the wonder and history that is Scammell Auctions.

Sustainability & Ethics at Scammells

Meet the team.

At the helm is Jason Harris, our hands-on Managing Director. With more than three decades’ experience in the auction industry, Jason leads a team of 19 passionate, diligent people who love what they do. At his side is Adrian Cummings who runs the auction side of our business as Auction Manager, with a team who is unmatched in the industry and renowned for their professionalism and success.

Managing Director and Auctioneer

Jason Harris

jason@scammellauctions.com.au 0421 345 663
Financial Controller


Client Liaison & Administration


Operations Manager, Showcase and Fine Art Auction Manager, Auctioneer, & Appraiser


tobias@scammellauctions.com.au 0412110842
Favourite collectable: Ceramics
Furniture Team Leader

Simon G

Assistant Team Leader (Furniture)


Vendor Liason (Gallery)


Specialty Auction Assistant

Toby B

Vendor Liaison (Gallery), Jewellery & Sterling Silver Specialist

Simon B

Client Liaison


Gallery Attendant


Motoring Specialist


timc@scammellauctions.com.au 0433 927 514

Our History

In 2002, Peter Scammell (our original Founder) started Peter F Scammell and Associates with the idea of providing a professional Estate auction service to Adelaide. In 2010 Jason Harris (our Chairman) purchased Scammells (after working with Peter for 8 years) and reshaped the Scammells to what we know today.

Scammells are leaders in our industry, being one of the first to introduce live online bidding to the Australian market and have been fundamental in implementing technology and strategies from other leading industries into what was a dated (and stuffy) market.

In essence, we think differently, and our Auction Team are encouraged to do the same.

Scammells excel in bringing to market Art, Antiques and Collectables and specialise in working with Estates and Single Vendor collections.

Over the years we have worked with some awesome collections including a major Royal Doulton Auction, the Chateau Campagnard Sale of rare oriental works, the Dr Gary Scroop Collection cameras and microscopes, major collections of vintage motorcycles and oil bottles and many high value works of art.

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