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If I bought something by mistake, can I cancel the sale?

No. All bids & sales are final.

When can I view items for auction?

We are open every Friday from 2pm – 5pm and Saturday (except the Easter weekend) from 9am – 12.30pm.
And all of our catalogues are online.

Can you ship items interstate?

Yes. We can recommend transport companies that deliver to most places on the Eastern seaboard of Australia (see here). We also have a inhouse pack and post service for smaller items sent through Australia Post. Contact Louise for costs:

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept credit cards, eftpos and direct debit payments as per your invoice.
Payments made by our online payment portal incur a 1.1% surcharge.

When can I pay and collect my items?

All items must be paid by Tuesday 7pm following the auction.

We open for collection on Monday 2pm – 7pm and Tuesday 8.30am – 7pm.

What does ‘a/f’ mean in your catalogue?

A/F stands for ‘all faults’, whilst all items sold at auction are sold with all faults (if they have any) ‘A/F’ indicates that this item is flawed beyond regular aging and wear & tear.

Is there a warranty or guarantee with items I buy?

No. Everything is bought “as is”. All items sold at auction are second hand or have been used, and as such may or may not function as originally intended. They may also have wear marks or scratches.

How do I know if my items have sold?

Every vendor with an email account will receive a listing of what has been in auction, and the sold price (or unsold). This email includes a total for deposit to your account after our charges.

How do I get paid?

We direct debit the funds to your bank account.

When do vendors get paid?

Our Monday auctions are processed and Vendors are paid Friday.
Our speciality auctions are the week following.

Do you take everything for auction?

In short no, our buyers and collectors are selective with what they want, so not everything is in demand these days. We suggest contacting our appraisal department to clarify what is saleable at auction.
We don’t take electricals, lounges suites, bedding, unless by prior approval.

When can I deliver items?

Our delivery times are:
Tuesday* 1pm to 4.30pm
Wednesday 8.30am to 4.30pm
Thursday 8.30am to 11am

(*following a long weekend holiday, only Wednesday and Thursday)

Do you collect items for auction?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the vehicles required for transportation, but we do work with the best transport providers in Australia. Details about our transport partners can be seen here.

When are the auctions held?

Every Monday – We host two auctions live.
Furniture commences Lot 1 at 9am, Smalls commences Lot 1001 also at 9am.
These weekly auctions are held in house and streamed live online.
Once our auction catalogues are made live online, you can start leaving bids immediately.

We hold exclusive online auctions throughout the month. These are generally small collections of items that will be available for inspection to the public and then all bidding is done online. These auctions range from Jewellery, Fine Art, Bronzes, Collectables, Single Vendor Collections and more.

Scammell Auctions host many Speciality Auctions throughout the year, including our Showcase Auctions, Fine Art Auctions and Great Collectors Auctions.

Can anyone buy at Auction?

Absolutely. We are open to everyone to sell and buy through at auction.

What are the charges to buy and sell at auction?

Buyers pay a 17% plus GST premium on all purchases.
Sellers pay a commission of 20% plus GST and a lotting fee of $3 per lot plus GST

What is a lot?

A lot is a single or parcel of items offered for auction.  It could be one chair or a set of 8 glasses, and each lot is defined with a Lot Number.

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