Weekly Estate Auctions

Every Monday – We host two auctions live. Furniture commences Lot 1 at 9am, Smalls commences Lot 1001 also at 9am. These weekly auctions are held in house and streamed live online. Once our auction catalogues are made live online, you can start leaving bids immediately.


Online Auctions

We hold exclusive online auctions throughout the month. These are generally small collections of items that will be available for inspection to the public and then all bidding is done online. These auctions range from Jewellery, Fine Art, Bronzes, Collectables, Single Vendor Collections and more.


Specialty Auctions

Scammell Auctions host many Speciality Auctions throughout the year, including our Showcase Auctions, Fine Art Auctions and Great Collectors Auctions.



A buyers premium of 16.5% (inc GST) applies to each lot.

All buyers must be registered (permanent buyers are welcome to use their bidding number at any Auction). Permanent numbers are issued when you register for ONLINE BIDDING – please use this number online and in our auction house.

Register through our office if you do not have an online account or permanent bidders number.

All online bids are final and unable to be deleted.

Payment is required by 7pm Tuesday for Estate Auctions, unless otherwise directed.  Payment can be made by cash, eftpos, Visa and Mastercard (1% surcharge) or direct debit, as noted on invoices.

Collection is required by 7pm Tuesday for Estate Auctions, unless otherwise directed.  We are open Monday and Tuesday evenings until 7pm to aid in this. (view our opening hours here)

A storage fee of $20 per lot per day will be charged to your account (excludes interstate and country buyers 100km + from Adelaide), for any lots not collected on time with no arrangements made.


We have carriers available to delivery larger purchases at your organisation (click for details).

Small items can be packed and posted for a small fee (see bottom of page for details).

Country and interstate buyers to arrange a later collection date please contact our Transport department (click to email).

All items we sell are to be expected to have some wear, use or aging due to the nature of auction house goods. If a lot is marked a/f it informs the buyer it is sold with “all faults” and that our staff have noted damage that exceeds general wear and tear of vintage & antique goods (eg, cracks to pottery, broken chair legs, torn upholstery etc)

Please note electricals are not tested, nor are they sold as working.  The onus falls on the buyer to assure themselves of the quality and condition of each lot.

All measurements provided with items are approximate only.

Our buyers are encouraged to view our items in person during inspection hours so they feel confident with the quality and condition of the pieces they wish to buy. If you are unable to make it in, send friends or family on your behalf, or email/call the office to receive a condition report.

Please remember this is an auction house, not David Jones, and your items are not sold with any sort of guarantee.



Your bidders number is the number we use to record your successful bid(s) and price against a lot.  Bidders numbers come in two forms, temporary and online numbers.

A temporary bidders number is obtained each week from the office.

An online (permanent) number is issued through our website when you register for ONLINE BIDDING, and this number is yours for life and we insist you use this number when bidding in person.



Bidding in person can be an exciting experience, but it also can seem intimidating to novice auction buyers,  Scammell’s staff and auctioneers endeavour to make this experience and pain free as possible.

We encourage all buyers to read through the catalogue, and personally inspect each item they wish to bid on.  Prior to the auction you will need a bidders number.  These are available from our office or via signing up online.  Registration is free, simply fill the base of the buyers card and return it to the office prior to bidding or create an online account.

Once the auction commences, the auctioneer will announce the lot number and description of each lot.  Near the auctioneer is a reference photograph of the lot on sale.  The auction takes bids in order of a bidding progression.  Typically this is fixed and based on the value of the item for auction. For example

$5 rises to $50
(ie 25, 30, 35, 40 45.)
$10 rises between $50 and $200
(ie 60, 70, 80, 90, 100)
$20 rises from $200 to $500
(ie 300, 320, 340, 360, 380, 400)
$50 rises from $500 to $1000
(ie 650, 700, 750, 800, 850… )

If an item is “knocked down” or sold to you, the auctioneer will announce your number and the sale price.  The invoice is available for payment 15 – 30 minutes after the lot has sold.



Bidding online is simple and makes the auction room accessible for everyone. To register for online bidding, click here and follow the login prompt to create an account.

Once you are registered for online bidding you can use your paddle number for both online and in person bidding.

Check our website regularly for catalogues as we are now running online auctions regularly throughout the month on top of our weekly estate auctions and specialty auctions.

All bids left online are LIVE and FINAL.



Our timed online auctions run differently to normal auctions.  Whilst the fundamentals of bidding online, paying, buying premium are the same, the way the auction is conducted is different.

In essence a “timed auction” is run by the computer and online only.  Each lot is offered initially in order of lot number.  The lots are open for bidding at the start of the auction (typically 7 – 14 days prior to the final knock down).

During the “final knockdown” stage, which is the last minutes of the auction, when a bid is placed a timer is reset for x minutes (currently this is set at 10 minutes).  Then every time a new bid is placed the timer resets.  This stops “sniping”, something common and very annoying with other major auction systems.

Once the timer on the lot reaches zero seconds, the lot is closed and sold to the final bidder at the displayed price (plus buyers premium).



Absentee bids can be placed using our online bidding system.  You will need to create an account first (see link above).  The system is simple to use, and updates you live if you have been outbid.  After the sale you can log back in and see if you have been successful.

Please note the absentee bidding system is LIVE, which means all bids are locked in once placed and cannot be deleted or reduced.



Our packing department can arrange packing & postage of smaller purchased items. We charge $15+GST per half hour, and then the subsequent Australia Post delivery fees. We can also pack your items for your chosen courier if preferred. Please contact Louise (click to email) to arrange before paying your invoice.